eTickets Cloud -
simple and reliable way to organize ticket sales

eTickets Cloud is a universal platform for organizing ticket sales: whether it's a small seminar or a multi-thousand festival.


Create digital

With eTickets Cloud system, you can create tickets and invitations, both with the designation of seats, and general admission tickets. You can create promotions, apply discounts, generate different ticket prices depending on the date of the event: early purchase, last day fare...


of online sales

Tickets created with eTickets Cloud, in addition to direct sales trough the website, can be sold through organizer's own website, application and ticket offices, by our quick open API integration, without involving other operators and additional commissions.


Ticket sales

The organizers, have the opportunity to sell tickets with more than one intermediary at the same time with complete control of sales and refunds online․ All cooperating operators have synchronized access to available tickets in real time․


Payment options

Organizers do not need to deal with online payments arrangement. Various payment methods are integrated into the eTickets Cloud system: Visa and Mastercard, TelCell and IDram payment wallets. The funds from sold tickets quickly become available to the organizers bank account.


Event access control

Contactless, easy entry registration with QR code. Scan and validate tickets from any mobile device using the mobile app. Synchronized ability to receive visitors to the event from different entrances, as well as providing self-entry through turnstiles with self-validation of the QR code.


Fake Ticket Protection

The eTickets Cloud digital smart ticket is protected from counterfeiting and copying and excludes the possibility of double access via same ticket. Dynamically generated QR code and personalization of tickets guarantees that visitors will feel cared and enjoy the high quality organization of the event.


Ability to deliver tickets

Organizers are limited to online sales only. The eTickets Cloud system allows you to organize delivery and payment on the spot, providing control over sales.


Statistics and analytics:

Reliable and complete statistics is a valuable asset for long-term work with a loyal audience, developing a marketing policy and attracting visitors. Customer data and sales statistics will be available to the organizer via personal dashboard of the eTickets Cloud system.

4 easy steps to sell tickets online

  • 1
    Create personal page
  • 2
    Create an event
  • 3
    Manage tickets
  • 4
    Track sales

eTickets Cloud is a state of the art product

Our team creates and delivers new tools, setting industry high standards.

With eTickets Cloud you have access to
Personal Area

Automated solutions for organizing events (sales, finance, analysis, partners, visitors).

Digital tools

Pricing system for seats and tickets, built-in logic of discounts and special offers.

Online sales platform

A quick and easy connection to makes it possible to sell tickets to events without having your own website․

Cloud checkout

Quick connection, sales accounting, the ability to print tickets, QR codes usage.

Ticket scanner application

Entry organization and coordination support, convenient ticket verification system for attendees quick access to the event.

Simple integration

The ability to sell tickets through your own website, application and ticket offices, without involving other operators and additional commissions by using our open API.

A complete technological solution for events organization

  • An easy way to arrange ticket sales
  • Ensuring digital security of electronic tickets
  • Transparency of business processes and communications
  • Financial planning analysis and partner selection

Tackle the challenges you face with eTickets Cloud

Statistics and data analysis will indicate the most profitable sources of sales, help evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and adjust it.

Image Description

eTickets Cloud - digital online assistant for events organization

  • Publication of information about events.
  • Creation of unique schemes of venue and seating arrangements, taking into account the specifics of the event.
  • Ability to add seats to an existing hall and zoning.
  • Creation of invitation, paid and free tickets with a QR code.
  • The ability to sell tickets via own websites without intermediaries.
  • Formation of the cost of a ticket at different rates: basic, early purchase, last day.
  • Offline and online ticket sales with payments via bank cards and payment systems.
  • Application of discounts, promotions and other packages.
  • Access to the event and control of tickets via mobile application or turnstile.
  • Ease of use of eTickets Cloud in web and mobile versions.
  • Synchronous analysis based on data from sales and visits.
  • eTickets Cloud is an assistant to make the right marketing decisions.

Marketing strategy

Make informed marketing strategy decisions based on real-time data reflected in the eTickets Cloud system. The platform will save you time, money and effort.

Caring Support

Regardless of the event scale, we are always there: we will support you in preparing and holding the event.
We are ready to answer all questions regarding the operation of our platform from 09:00 to 18:00 GMT+4 daily.

eTickets Cloud provides functional tools to solve problems related to the organization and holding of events.

  • Event organizers
    Organization of concerts, exhibitions, sports events, championships, festivals…
    Creation of a universal scheme of a hall or site.
  • Agents
    Ability to create an agent network for ticket sales
  • Representatives of art
    Access to the best event venues and a calendar of available dates
    Simple and quick organization of ticket sales without intermediaries.
  • Programmers
    Quick integration with open API